Project 2: Researching the Wild Interviewer.


To prelude the writing of an interview piece in my Project 2 class, I’ve been asked to observe the way the ‘wild’ interviewer spreads his words. Crouched down in the bushes of the computer center, many things have intrigued me about John Ortved’s interview of Mackenzie Davis for Interview Magazine ( The first being the casual way in which the interview begins, a walk to lunch in New York with a beautiful actress. Instantly Ortved puts us in his shoes, right there beside Davis, taking it all in. We are no longer reading a magazine, but talking with an old friend. In the same line, Ortved also manages to shock us with the subject of sex, which it turns out will be the foundation of nearly the entire article. Once again we are placed in Ortved’s shoes, wanting to know about the ideals and opinions of Davis rather than her educational history and favorite flavor of pie. Of course the interview goes on to include the necessary biographical information, but at this point we welcome it entirely, wanting to know more about Davis now that we’ve been properly and enticingly introduced. Ortved ends with the mantra of Davis’ acting future, a satisfying conclusion to the friendly lunch in East Village. As observer, I feel prepared and ready to become one of Ortved’s kind, the wild interviewer’s heart beats in all of us.

Project 1: Farmington Dreams


For our Project 1 class, my friend Christina and I decided to touch upon the subject of childhood dreams. We surveyed students at UMF and from the top “dream careers” we chose six to make into wooden cutouts for people to take pictures behind. We also set up a Facebook page so that people could post the photos they took and we could analyze what dreams were the most popular.